Act 2

January 2, 2013

So, it’s only January 2nd, and Susan in her usual efficient way has already found the next Act of Kindness! I’m not surprised at all and in fact won’t be surprised in the least if we end up with many more than 50!

As I re-read my first post it occurred to me that I want to make it clear that this project isn’t about trying to grab credit for being nice. We’re generally pretty nice people anyway! It’s  more about maybe thinking consciously about our own intentions and actions, and to hold us somewhat accountable for doing something  positive. And let’s be honest, there is no way I will be able to remember the details of all this unless I WRITE IT DOWN!!!!

So back to Susan….When the conversation started with “I’m so excited! I just found our 2nd Act! Woohoo… I jumped a guy in the gym parking lot!!”, I was thinking that maybe she was taking this kindness gig a bit too far! But here’s how the whole thing unfolded….

It was a pretty typical Wednesday. We met outside early for a quick run. Rushed around trying to get the day started and make it to our favorite class at the gym. This class is ridiculously challenging and normally in order to get in you have to arrive 30 minutes early, sign in to reserve a spot, then wait in line until the doors open. Even so , to secure a good space and to gather all the necessary equipment you have to move quickly and efficiently once the doors open or you’ll be stuck in the back with mismatched hand-weights and no red rubber Bender ball! So Wednesdays are not days to mess around getting to the gym. When Susan got to the gym parking lot it was packed as usual. She told me that she noticed a guy kind of looking around and thought maybe he couldn’t find his car. (Happens to me on a regular basis!)

When it became obvious that he was having car trouble and was looking for a BATTERY jump Susan told me that normally she might have just hurried into the gym, assuming help was on the way. I mean that’s what most people in a hurry would do. But with the 50 Acts fresh on her mind she decided to stop and help with the battery jump.

As karma would have it, the man went on his merry way and Susan made it into the class with a good space and even snagged an always-scarce-red-Bender ball! I guess “jumping a guy in the gym parking lot” turned out to be a good idea!


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